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Grow Any Account Size with This 5 Minute Scalping Strategy | Forex Trading Tips

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0:00 – 7:24 Understanding The Strategy
7:24 – 9:40 Trade With TraderLocker using OspreyFx
9:41 – 11:31 The final Sauce to make the strategy work

In this video, Solo E TV Trading shares a 5 minute scalping strategy that can be used to grow any account size, whether it’s $100 or $10,000. This strategy applies to trending markets, especially volatile pairs, commodities, or indices such as gold, US oil, UK oil, Nasdaq, US 30, and S&P500. The first step is to identify the direction of the trend, which can be done by looking at a higher scale or the five-minute timeframe. Once the trend is identified, traders should look for key levels, such as supply or demand levels, order blocks, or support & resistance, roughly in the middle of the trend. Traders can use Fibonacci retracement levels to determine where the 50% market level is and look for their key levels in that area. Once the key level is identified, traders should wait for pullbacks to get a good position, less risk, and more reward. The entry should be taken once the market starts reacting to the key level, such as with wick rejections and engulfing candles. Traders should always make sure their stop loss is a few pips below the low of the key level.

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