I TESTED a 100% WIN RATE Trading Strategy with RSI Indicator – MUST WATCH VIDEO ?

I TESTED a 100% Always Win Trading Strategy with RSI Indicator – MUST WATCH VIDEO ?

What if we try a so-called “100% Always Win Trading strategy” together with the RSI indicator? that’s what we are gonna explore today.

This is a bit different from the video we have previously made where we tested a hedging strategy that seems to have an “Always Win Rate”. In this video, we go over a martingale strategy and test it with the RSI indicator.

So, make sure to read the following disclaimer, and let’s give this strategy a shot?

Well, do you believe in a trading strategy that works all the time? I don’t but according to basic probability rules that’s possible, but how?

Let me give you an example, let’s say you decide to play a game with your friend using a coin. there are two rules for this game.
You will flip the coin, and if it’s tail, your friend will give you a dollar. otherwise, you will need to give a dollar to your friend. so you are risking one dollar in every single round. That’s the first rule, but what about the second one?

We have received many requests after publishing the 100% win hedging forex strategy, where we tested a trading strategy that we purchased from a Forex guru who claims that it is a no-loss trading strategy.

We have learned some facts about hedging strategies and whether they are zero loss strategies or not, but in today’s video, we try a martingale strategy, if you are familiar with this system and how it is used in Forex, you would know that it’s theoretically a no loss trading strategy.

Well, You can play as long as you want to, but if you lose, the risk goes up to $2. if you lose again, the amount goes to $4, then 8, 16, $32 .etc.

Whenever you lose a round, the following one will have two times the previous risk. This is the martingale system.

let’s suppose that you have $10,000 that you can afford to risk in this game.

If we do some basic calculations we can realize that the only way to lose the entire $10,000 is if we lose 14 times in a row.

This video is done for demonstration purposes, in fact no loss trading strategy doesn’t exist but it’s important to know why and this video is made to demonstrate the limitation of martingale trading strategies and the fact that it should never be considered as a no loss trading strategy.

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