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TOP 5 Trading Strategies that WORK in 2021 with PROOF – Forex Day Trading

TOP 5 Best Trading Strategies that WORK in Forex Stock Market with Proof. Make Money in Trading with the Best Trading Indicators of 2021.
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I have tested many different trading strategies 100 times on the Trading Rush Channel, some of them made a lot of money and gave very high win rates, and some of them lost. I even made a top 5 strategies that actually work video, but since then, we have tested more trading strategies 100 times, and some of them were way better than the strategies mentioned in the last video. So in this video we are going to see the top 5 trading strategies that actually work in 2021. Furthermore, the TR Score is available for almost all strategies tested on the Trading Rush Channel, because the strategy with the highest win rate is not always good for you.

If we visit the Trading Rush Website and click on the TR score, you will find strategies that I have tested rated not just by Win Rate, but also by How easy to use it is, its reliability, consistent profits, and quality.  Now last time when I did a video like this, I rated strategies by their win rate. that’s not a problem after all we are looking for strategies that win more than they lose. But some strategies like the Bollinger Bands we tested on this channel, can be very difficult to trade with for a beginner trader, compared to something like the super trend indicator. That’s where the Trading Rush Score comes into play. You can come to the Trading Rush Website, and find the best trading strategy, that has a high win rate, that is so easy to use that even your dog can use it, it is reliable, is consistent, and gives high quality trades.
The win rate is not as high as some other strategies you are about to see next, but remember, 53 percent is actually a profitable win rate, because the strategy was tested with a 1.5 to 1 reward risk ratio. And when you are making more money on winning trades, and losing less on lost trades, anything higher than 50 percent is an excellent win rate. You can watch the Ichimoku Cloud video on the Trading Rush Channel to learn more about the strategy, and to see the backtesting clip for proof, you can find the Ichimoku video on the Trading Rush Website. Ichimoku Cloud Trading Strategy got a 6.8 out of ten in the win rate category. But this indicator is a mess, and can scare away new traders. Even though Ichimoku Cloud gives a lot of information about the price, stops you from taking trades in the range market, and shows where to set the stop loss, it is not beginner friendly as some other indicators. So it gets a 4 out of 10 in the easy to use category. For the reliability category, Ichimoku Cloud gets a 7.3 out of 10. Entry signals are good but sometimes they are at the end of a move. When I tested the Ichimoku cloud 100 times, the profit graph at the end looked like it was going up and there were not sudden upward or downward spikes. So in the consistent profits category, it gets a 7 out of 10. Ichimoku Cloud tries to give entry signals in the direction of the trend, and when it gives a proper entry signal, price makes a good move in that entry direction. So it gets a 8 in the Quality of Trades Category. So the TR score is 33.1 out of 50.

And as you can see, it got a lower score in the Win rate category than the Ichimoku Cloud. The Schaff Trend Cycle gave an approximate win rate of 50 percent with a 1.5 to 1 reward risk ratio. Ichimoku Cloud gave a 53 percent win rate, so there is not a big difference between 50 and 53. But the Schaff trend cycle is so easy to use that any beginner trader can understand it quickly. It looks like a RSI indicator but is better. You can check out the Schaff Trend Cycle video on the Trading Rush Channel, to see the backtesting clip for proof, and to learn more about it in detail. Since it is easy to use, in the easy to use category, it got a way better score than the Ichimoku Cloud. But in every other category, it got a slightly lower score, because of the lower win rate and less consistent profit graph. The Schaff Trend Cycle got a TR score of 34.6 out of 50.

Now time for the top 3 indicators that are best overall…

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