This is a complete beginner’s guide to Trading.

Jason walks you through everything you need to know in order to approach the world of trading forex, stocks, and many other markets in a professional way.


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00:00 – Intro
5:22 – Setting Expectations – Time and Money
19:15 – Accountability
22:42 – Reading Price
29:26 – Candlestick Anatomy
35:29 – Opportunity Confluence
45:03 – Angular Trend Lines
51:46 – Indicators
56:32 – Order Types
1:13:08 – Risk Position
1:21:13 – Identifying Trades
1:35:04 – Backtesting
1:50:26 – Positive Expectancy
1:55:52 – Brokers & Platforms
2:04:19 – Placing Orders
2:15:13 – Practice Trading (Demo)
2:16:54 – Lots, Leverage & Margin
2:22:56 – My Challenge to you

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Forex Trading Tutorial

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