Australia largest population state races surging case counts with vaccinations

New South Wales, home of Australia’s largest city of Sydney update on rising case counts:

  • reported Saturday 1533
  • reported Sunday 1485
  • and reported just now:  new local cases 1281
NSW is not chasing a strategy to drive cases to zero, instead it is aiming to vaccinate its way out of the delta crisis.

  • NSW is already at 75% of its population with first doses (its hit 75%)
  • At the rate of vaccinations 80% of the eligible population oin the state should be double-dosed by October 10. 

The reason its a race is NSW recognises the case count will rise in coming weeks (its expected to peak in the next two weeks) and more cases mean more hospitalisations, more admissions to ICU, more sick people in ventilation and, yes, more avoidable deaths. The evidence on the efficacy of vaccinations in reducing all these awful effects is indisputable (except by the few people who are seduced by conspiracies and misinformation and will not see what is in front of their eyes).


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