ICYMI – a worker infected at the world’s third-busiest container port, China

  • All inbound and outbound container services at the Meishan terminal in the Ningbo-Zhousan port, third busiest in the world, were halted yesterday until further notice 

The port is the second-busiest in China and, as already said, 3rd in the world.

A few folks might be incredulous that one case can shut down a section of such a globally critical facility … but yeah. Further supply-line disruptions ahead.

Speaking of one case, Australia’s capital city, Canberra, was placed in lockdown yesterday with just one new case reported. the first in a year. Canberra is home to Australia’s Federal parliament and if parliament meddling gets shuts down it threatens to perhaps trigger accelerated economic growth in the country. ;-) 

Australian PM and his lump of coal in parliament (real pic):

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