Apple stock forecast for 2023: Going to $170

  • The median stock price prediction for Apple Inc. is set at $180, provided from 37 analysts who have provided price estimates for the next 12 months
  • The highest Apple stock prediction is $200 and the lowest prediction is $122
  • Apple stock forecast from, based on the following technical analysis video, is set at a minimum of $170
  • The Apple technical analysis below shows volume profile, an indicator for advanced charting that shows the total volume of trades at each price level over a period of time of the user’s choosing. In this case, I chose the last 5 earnings and 1 year till the recent Q4 2022 earnings report for AAPL

The ‘scaling in’ method includes heavier buying as the price declines, a stop loss and take profit target with a note that buyers can consider taking partial profit (eg, 50%) if the target is reached. The following video details how to buy APPL stock, according to this method, inspired by the ‘Fibonnaci entry method’ that I created.

Buy or sell Apple stock at your own risk and return to for additional perspectives and technical analysis ideas.

Last but not least, here is an interactive weekly price chart of Apple:

Technical Analysis

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