Pres. Biden is taking action today to prevent Americans from experiencing evictions

The eviction moratorium is over

The eviction moratorium is now over. That moratorium prevented landlords from evicting residents who did not pay their rent.  Now with moratorium over, landlords could evict residents who owe back rent or don’t pay the current rent.  

  • Directing advisors to assemble all agencies to re-examine authorities that could stop evictions
  • is calling on states, localities to extend or implement eviction bans for at least the next two months
  • Is calling on courts to pause eviction proceedings until tenants, landlords can access emergency rental assistance
  • Too many states, cities have been too slow to provide emergency rental assistant funds
  • Raise prospects of new 30 day eviction ban focused on counties with high or substantial case rates to protect renters

The slippery slope is when is enough. There is a problem of getting the right assistance to renters or landlords and also the question of abuse or fraudulent claims by renters and landlords alike.  

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